Case studies

This is a list of some of our customers, who may be contacted to vouch for our quality, service and price.

National Holidays Normanton Laminating Services Ltd
Smith and Nephew Healthcare Ltd Quibell and Son (Hull) Ltd., Builders
Scottish and Newcastle Breweries Plc Sierra UK Ltd
Morley Waste Products Jaguar Centre (Hull)
Burtonwood Breweries Bartoline

We also serve many small local businesses and domestic clients.


This project was one of the most challenging for KMS. Due to delays by the local authorities the customer had just one month to convert a run down restaurant into a new vibrant city centre café bar and transform it into part of the evening fashion circuit venues. Despite the tight schedule with other clients we still managed to hit the opening deadline of 16th December 2000.

The installation work included the following items:

1. Our own design of the internal lighting scheme to compliment both the mood of the daytime clientele and the more vibrant evening fashion circuit customers.
2. A fully compliant fire alarm system was installed to local fire authority legislation and linked into the music system to disable the music if the alarm is activated.
3. A fully compliant emergency lighting system was installed to local authority legislation

4. The Mediterranean bar lighting design involved our own design to compliment the most unique design by the clients.
5. Installation of the power to the cellar was carried out to the breweries strict specification.
6. General power was carried out to the general bar area, Socket outlets in the main public area were protected by R.C.D circuit breakers to ensure maximum public safety.

CASE STUDY 2 KINGSTOWN FURNITURE, LEADS ROAD, HULL                                       Top

This was another high profile project for KMS, it was to illuminate the large trailer storage area to the rear and side of the main factory, for security and to meet current Health and Safety Regulations.

The installation work included the following items:

1. To organise with a local building contactor to excavate a cable trench from the main factory building around the perimeter of the trailer park of about 155metres in length.
2. To install from the factory electrical distribution area, a sub-main cable along the trench to a centrally positioned KMS designed distribution control panel.
3. Install to 4 lighting column positions armoured cables back to the control panel.
4. Install with the help of the building contractors 4- 8metre high lamppost columns, concreted in at the positions agreed with the client.
5. Install using a hydraulic platform 400W HQI light fittings to the lamppost columns.
6. To replace existing perimeter lighting on the factory and on the top of the silo to 400W HQI light fittings to standardise the external lighting.

Even though all of the above work was carried out during normal working hours at no time was there any disruption to the clients production. The new sub main cable was installed into the main factory distribution board during the lunchtime break of production, yet again causing no downtime to the client.

We was then asked by the client to provide amenity/security lighting to the newly built bicycle sheds using low energy light fittings controlled via a photocell and timer due to the shift patterns that are worked at the factory.


This was a challenging contract for KMS because the full installation had to be of Zone 1 classification (an area where an explosive gas or vapour is present under normal circumstances).
Bartoline were converting an old external brick store into a production room with a pneumatic filling machine to transfer white spirit from a large storage tank outside into small containers to send out to customers.

The installation work included the following:

1. Installation of Zone 1fire alarm call point linked into the main factory alarm system.
2. Installation of Zone 1 fluorescent light fitting and switch.
3. Installation of Zone 1 heater controlled via Zone 1 thermostat.
4. Installation of Zone 1 Stop/Start enclosure to control the fume extraction units Zone 1 motor via a remote speed control panel.
5. Installation of a separate sub-main distribution board inside the warehouse local to the new production room. This distribution board was fed through a contactor, which was controlled via a Fireman's Switch on the wall adjacent to the main door to the production room. Relevant notices were placed at the Fireman's switch and distribution board.
6. To guarantee that the whole area was at the same earth potential, we decided to install an earth spike locally. From this we installed an earth bar into the production room, along the wall and into the storage tank area. We then bonded to this the following items:

  • Filling Machine
  • Extraction Ducting
  • Metal roofing panels and trusses
  • Cable tray (including linking every jointed piece)
  • All cable terminations
  • The external storage tank
We then installed fixed at one end to the earthing bar a lead with a large clamp on the other end, to enable the road tankers to clamp the lead onto the vehicle when discharging white spirit into the storage tank to avoid any chance of a static spark.

On completion of the project we provided the customer with a preventative maintenance manual and a maintenance manual.

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